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The SIGMAFW 1.0, is an open source custom firmware that manages the hardware on the SIGMA. The main concept of the software created for the GM01 is a dinamic and easy to use light instrument able of playing pre-recorded animations or generate new ones in real time, modifing them according to multiple hardware inputs:

- Motion (accelerometer)
- Music or sound (mic/line input)
- MIDI (USB or wireless)
- WIFI (smartphone or laptop)


The SigmaFW is a creative and artistic tool that makes easier to custom animate led setups without programming knowledge. Using our custom MIDI library, the user can plug the unit via USB to the computer and live compose new LED animations in any music/midi production software or workstation. This MIDI library gives the user absolute control of the color, brightness, saturation and timming without codding, making possible to create LED animations in a more expressive and artistic way. Also, is intended to auto-generate real time animations based on customizable parameters and responding to multiple hardware/user inputs.

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Based on a pure geometrical form, the Tetrahedron combines classic noble materials and modern technology to consolidate a translucent rotating retroprojected device when turned on, and a classical opaque pure form piece when turned off. Premium black african granite base, retroprojectable translucent black tempered glass,  450 lummens retroprojection, 42 adressable SPI RGB Leds...

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