The GM01-KIT provides all the the lightning pannels for the GM01. This includes:
- 2 x Flexible rainbow pannels. 76 SMD RGB leds included
- 2 x Spectrum bottom pannels . 112 SMD RGB leds included
- 2 x Cardiogram pannels. 18 through hole RGB leds included
- 2 x Control pannels. 4 through hole RGB leds included
Rainbow and Spectrum pannels include a a standard male 6 pin connector. Cardiogram and Control ones will require soldering job for connections, wich can be done following the instructions included with the kit.
Note: This kit is originally designed for working with the SIGMA1.0 for other protoboard compatibilities contact LoveProps.
LoveProps Hardware GM01-Kit

LP-14 Amp Gauntlet

The LoveProps 14 Amp gauntlet is a portable power supply. A high power and long-lasting solution for wereable or portable systems. The assembled gauntlet includes:
- Gauntlet chasi white/black, glossy/matte
- Control pannel with 3 adressable switches
- 14 Amp rechargable battery with integrated security chipset
- Power Charger
- 2 positive Outputs, 2 negative outputs
Note: Adding this power supply to your system may require some extra soldering. For detailed explanations contact LoveProps.
LoveProps Hardware LP-14 Amp Gauntlet


The Sigma 1.0 kit includes.
- ARM Cortex M4 Teensy processor. Tinny and powerful processor
- Wifi NodeMCU. Allows Wi-fi interaction with the unit
- Accelerometer. Allows motion interaction with the unit
- Internal Microphone and Line input. Allows the unit to interact with music or sound
- USB and SD Card slot. Makes easier to add LED choreographies or update the OS
- MIDI support. Makes possible to animate LED setups without programming knowledge
- Custom MIDI Library. Plug and play with the common music production softwares
- Custom chromatic library. Absolute control of the colors, saturation, brightness and timing for pure colors
- 14 connectors
For more Hardware details about the SIGMA 1.0 check here.
LoveProps Hardware SIGMA 1.0

RotoTable Driver

More info will be soon aviable.


More info will be soon aviable.

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