LoveProps Portfolio Daft Punk Helmet


More than just a tribute of the Daft Punks Guy Man. A hand made sculpted model, grade A+ attention to detail, custom design PCB electronics, Wifi, MIDI, motion/audio interaction, 250 RGB leds and a huge programming job , make this unit a really special tribute to the iconic helmet. A light instrument designed for composing and generate music for the eyes housed on a one of a kind redesigned GM helmet. [...]

LoveProps Portfolio Tetrahedron


Based on a pure geometrical form, the Tetrahedron combines classic noble materials and modern technology to consolidate a translucent rotating retroprojected device when turned on, and a classical opaque pure form piece when turned off. Premium black african granite base, retroprojectable translucent black tempered glass,  450 lummens retroprojection, 42 adressable SPI RGB Leds, [...]

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